Implement a new brand-forward online identity, to include a revised digital architecture, unifying 45 individual product sites.

Website design and build

For the re-brand of Belmond (previoiusly Orient-Express) the major foucus was to bring together a once soft master brand associated with 45 very individual products to exist as one brand, bringing the portfolio of hotels, trains and river cruises together under one name. Having built the previous site 2 years before, analytics were used to refine the user experience across all devices. The main navigation was tucked away for mobile devices maximising the use of available space.

The site makes use of the fantastic riloadr.js plugin, serving optimised images to mobile devices and large scale, high quality imagery to desktop users with faster connections. These are all contained and work within the great responsive slider plugin Flexslider.

The site features a responsive, interactive world map in its journeys hub page, making use of the plugin rwdImageMaps.js to scale map hotspots on the fly. The latest CSS techniques have been used extensively throughout for shadows and other stylistic elements to cut down on server requests, improving page load speed. The minimalistic design decisions and clear site architecture ensure more users see more content at any one time.

My involvement

Website design.

Website frontend development using HTML, CSS3 and jQuery.

W3 Gold Award 2014: Website Features - Home Page.

W3 Gold Award 2014: General Website - Travel.

Net magazine (issue 263) 'How we built' feature article.

Net magazine...

Read the article about the new responsive site re-brand and build for Belmond, featured as the 'How we built' article in net magazine issue 263.