London Theatreland


Design and build the website frontend for London Theatreland. The site should provide users with the best possible overview of latest in theatre across London. Each venue page should provide a great overview of currently running shows and an action to purchase tickets.

Website design and build

Ticket purchasing online can sometimes be an unnecessarily complex process. An important factor in the build of London Theatreland was to make the first steps in arranging an unforgettable London Westend experience as easy and stress free as possible on any device type.

The site homepage presents visitors with a prominent widget at the top of the page, which auto scrolls through a variety of show types, with simple navigation to select specific show types if preferred, e.g musicals, comedy e.t.c. If the users first port of call is the date of their visit, then a calendar is provided top right, providing the user with a date arranged selection instead. For returning users the homepage also rounds up latest news and information and complete show and venue listings as secondary navigation further down the page.

Each venue page within the site has been designed to provide the viewer with all of the information they could ever want to know about the show and venue, organised in a clear manner. The prominent show poster and slideshow of imagery provide a quick impression of what to expect, re-inforced by the option to view the show trailer accessed via the translucent video button in the multi purpose media area. The most important call to action on the venue page is the buy tickets button, which is clearly positioned in the top right of the page. All secondary information, such as cast and creative or reviews are neatly held in a tabbed sub-navigation below the slideshow.

A very useful omni-present dropdown navigation at the top of the site allows users to access everything at one click wherever they are on the site, along with the calendar, ensuring there is no back and forth between pages. The site features a simple three step process for purchasing tickets, broke down into date selection, ticket selection and ticket purchase, making this award winning site a step above the rest in it's field.

All of the above can be carried out on any device thanks to the responsive template upon which the sites are built, providing a great user experience from mobile to widescreen desktop!

My involvement

Website design.

Website frontend development using HTML, CSS3 and jQuery.


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