Design an interface for a piece of financial planning software optimised for iPad use. This software will be used between wealth managers and their clients, graphically illustrating growth of financial investment. Design a logo that supports and portrays the nature and purpose of this new product.

User interface design

With a product focused for use on iPad, touch screen meant that navigation and button hit areas had to be generous, with constant use navigating back and forth between panes. Navigation was kept to the far sides of the screen allowing maximum space for generated graphs and charts.

As a client completes required input fields graphical information becomes available, buttons are highlighted in the blue accent colour to clearly indicate that further information is accessible. The use of icons appear frequently throughout the design, for quick recognition of the varying chart and graph types.

Logo design


A rounded font was chosen to compliment the modern, rounded corners used throughout the interface and the subtle arrow was used to hint at the nature of the product.

My involvement

User interface and logo design.